Increased Traffic Enforcement During Operation Safe Driver Week

Author: P. Christopher Guedri, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Throughout the week of October 18-24, 2015, there will be an increased law enforcement presence on streets across North America with one simple mission in mind: increasing traffic enforcement and driver awareness. While many folks may groan at the thought of additional police administering traffic justice, that feeling is misplaced – in 2012, more than 4,100 deaths and 126,000 injuries occurred through bus and truck crashes alone.[1] Operation Safe Driver Week aims to curb these losses by reducing the risks that day-to-day drivers take, and it is executed though enforcement and education for both commercial and private drivers. [2]


Over the past…

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Running Red Lights: The Dangers of Violating Basic Rules of the Road

Author: P. Christopher Guedri, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Red lights are one of the most basic and recognizable pieces of safety equipment on our roads, yet according to the 2008 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Traffic Safety Facts Report, 762 Americans were killed and 165,000 were injured by drivers who ran red lights in that year alone. More than half of these deaths and injuries were innocent motorists or passengers. The human costs of running a red light are devastating, and the statistics are staggering. More than one-third of people claim to have personally known someone killed in an accident that involved running a red light.[1]

But why do so many drivers  ignore red lights? In general, drivers…

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An Unavoidable Menace: Congestion on the Roadway

By: Chris Guedri

These days we see lots of attention focused on the dangers of drunk driving or distracted driving. While these are dangerous, reprehensible, and illegal activities, they do involve choice on the part of the driver and can be avoided. But how do we deal with situations that cannot be avoided, such as an over congested road? Heavy traffic has the potential to create equally dangerous situations, and any driver can encounter it at any time through no fault of their own. Heavy traffic conditions create irate drivers, inspire boredom, and offer large numbers of potential obstacles.

The single most important aspect of dealing with congested traffic is patience. It is vital that you accept you will not be reaching…

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