Driver Safety Is The Focus of Operation Safe Driver Week

Author: P. Christopher Guedri, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Operation Safe Driver Week is coming the week of October 16-22, 2016. The week is made up of two initiatives designed to improve driver and roadway safety.

The campaign’s first initiative involves increased traffic enforcement on our roadways. The second includes educational activities designed to improve driver safety. The overall intent of the program is to minimize the risks faced by drivers on a daily basis, in order to reduce injuries and deaths from vehicle accidents.[1] The need for Operation Safe Driver Week is obvious: more than 4,100 deaths and 126,000 injuries resulted from bus and truck crashes alone in 2012.[2]

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5 Tips for Staying Safe on Icy Roads

By: P. Christopher Guedri, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Lawyer

Ice creates some of the worst and most dangerous driving conditions out there. You should always exercise extreme caution if dealing with icy conditions, and ask yourself if you really want to be on the roads when they are in such a dangerous state. Conditions severe enough to blanket the roads in ice should eliminate almost all reasons for traveling. However, if you absolutely must drive in ice, here are some tips to help get you to your destination safely.[1]

Avoid overconfidence

Many people get themselves into trouble in icy conditions by overestimating their driving abilities. Perhaps they live in a cold area and think they are used to driving on ice.…

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The Dangers of Stopping on the Side of the Road

By: Chris Guedri

One evening in early May, a call went out for a tow truck to help with a disabled vehicle stopped on the shoulder on I-295. Jason Bailey, an experienced two truck operator, answered the call and made his way to the scene. Everything was proceeding smoothly: Bailey had gotten the disabled vehicle on the rollback, the family had left the scene, and Bailey was standing next to the truck operating the external control panel.[1] Unfortunately, an SUV traveling in the southbound lanes barreled off the interstate, hitting Bailey and crashing into a ditch.[2] Though the driver of the SUV attempted to evade arrest, he is currently in custody awaiting a verdict on charges of DUI, involuntary manslaughter, and felony hit-and-run.


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